Once Upon a time

Ludivive MORENO

Quel jour ?

A quelle heure ?



Jeudi 29 juillet


Place de la Rende

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Once upon a time… a story telling in english gathered on the way

Once upon a time, there was a human being who was wondering which road she should take, which relationship she should pick, which person she should become.

Once upon a time speaks about the steps in life, the ones we take without being sure, the others we wish we had been.

I want to share those stories the ones that made me grow and made who I am, even if I don’t know who I will be tomorrow.

On the edge, sometimes we wonder about the road not taken. We can even picture the other version of what we might have been.

I won’t speak about princesses and princes, but I will for sure tell you how I realized I was a queen expecting a king. Because the only real fairy tale one should ever live is the one we decide to live everyday, king or queen…


I grew up in the Pyrénées, only child my firts friends were books.

I have always love to travel, at the beginning to learn about heritage, museum and to discover other countries, other cultures. But indeed what always brought me back were the people I met along the way. I kept families around the world from Patagonia to Hymalaya, my most hidden secrets are those conversations and smiles I have gratefully received.

A journey is always an inside revolution, where you learn from others, stories, experiences and a lot about yourself.

I became a story teller cause words and books have always, as far I can remember, fed me deeply and intensely.

They say « you met people at the right moment », I think it’s the same for stories, they appear to teach us something from the soul, to calm it, to make it smile, to bring a new perspective.

I story tell cause I picture myself as gardener sowing poetry’s seeds and stories along the way, expecting one can find a flower tailored made just for